About Rohan Thakker

I am a Mechanical Engineer from VNIT, Nagpur. Currently, I am working as a R&D engineer at Systemantics India PVT LTD. on a 6 DoF Hybrid Serial and Parallel Manipulator to be used for pick and place operations in the industry. Robotics is my passion. It is my hobby to develop and implement new ideas.  I am a total workaholic and have the ability to work long hours, with sleepless nights. I love teaching and mentoring projects; this also gives me leadership experience. It is my aim to develop revolutionary technology which can help in making people’s life better and safer. My current research focuses on using Artificial Intelligence to design gaits for ReBiS Robot. I am also mentoring the Humanoid Robot team at VNIT Nagpur to take part in RoboCUP and FIRA 2015.


*Awaiting approval 
  • Reconfigurable Bipedal Snake Robot (Application No: 319/MUM/2014)
  • Navigation System to assist blind people (Application No: 406/MUM/2014)


  • ReBiS - Reconfigurable Bipedal Snake
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2014)

  • Substitute Eyes for Blind using Android
IEEE - Texas Instruments India Educators Conference (TIIEC 2013)


  • Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.  
Date: 5/5/2013 – 19/7/2013
Project under Prof. Howie Choset on  Implementing SLAM using structured light LASER scanner on snake robot.
  • SINE Lab, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Date: 5/5/2012 – 3/7/2012Project under Prof. C. Amarnath, Mechanical Dept., IIT Bombay on Design, Control and Fabrication of Snake Robot.
  • Technophilia Systems 
Date: Summer 2011
Hands-on training on microcontrollers, sensors, wireless communication.

Academic Results

  • BTech GPA: 7.78/10
  • Entrance Exam: AIEEE 2010 (All India Rank: 7776 among more than one million students)
  • 12th Grade Overall % marks (HSC Board 2010) = 83%
  • 10th Grade Overall % marks (ICSE Board 2008) = 90.7%


  • Winner at TI India Analog Design Contest 2012-2013

Texas Instruments
Stood 3rd Among 350+ teams from all over India for making a Blind Navigation System which can be integrated with Android Devices.

  • Winner at Technodox Paper Presentation
Axis 2012, Technical Festival of VNIT Nagpur.
Presented paper on Design, Control and Fabrication of Snake Robot. 
1st under Electronics Category and 2nd under Mechanical Category
  • Winner at NIT Conclave 2012 
Event of VNIT Nagpur 
Stood 3rd for proposing a design of Automated Badminton Practicing Machine.


  • Technical Advisor of IEEE VNIT student Chapter 
    I have been taking active part in teaching Micro-controller programming, Image Processing, Humanoid Robotics, etc; in the IEEE workshops of VNIT Nagpur, teaching more than 150 students at a time.
  • Technical Secretary of Mechanical Engineering Society (MES)
    I am mentored 2 teams to make a CNC Drill Machine and a Drum Playing Machine.
  • Event Manager of Autonomous Robotics of Axis 2012 (Technical Festival of VNIT)
    Organized a national level competition to make a line follower which can avoid obstacles in its path and resume the line.
  • Participatated in Techfest 2012 IIT Bombay
    In Cricbot Event to make an autonomous fieldingrobot and Finished in TOP 8 of 40+ teams.
  • Participated in Inter-NIT Robotics 2011
    At NIT Bhopal in maze solving robot competition.
  • Participated in Line-Follower Competition of Apogee BITS PILANI in 2011.


Solidworks, Matlab, C, C++, Java, Python, ROS, Gazebo, Fabrication on CNC Machines writing G-CODES, Microcontroller Programming (experience with ATMEL & TI MCUs), SysBios

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