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After taking many workshops we realized that the students don't continue learning or put their knowledge to any practical application. Most of the students forget everything after a few weeks of the workshop. Hence we came up with the idea to mentor projects. We selected projects such that they involved the topics which were covered in the workshop and made sure even if the project was not very innovative it will be a nice learning experience. These projects were done through out the even semester of 2012 and we gave the students weekly task and resources, worked with them when they got stuck up. We intend to create a contraption in way that the students who have learnt from us will be responsible for teaching others in the Projects of 2013 so that every year we have students learning. The people who were a part of the 2012 projects are currently working on more advanced projects. Here are the some Projects which were done during IEEE Mentorship 2012 :-

Nikhil Sawake (1st Year ,Electronics Dept. VNIT)
Nilesh Ugale (1st Year, Electrical Dept. VNIT)
Anand Agrawal (1st Year, VNIT ) 

This is a 5-sensor line follower robot which can be switched ON and OFF by making a phone call to the phone attached to the robot and pressing keys. DTMF stands for Dual-Tone-Multiple-Frequency it the same technology which is used by the customer care service where you are asked to press various key to browse their menu.

This is a 5-sensor line follower robot which is integrated with image processing such that it stops when red light is put in front of the camera and starts moving when green light is put in front of the camera. currently in this prototype we are using a webcam in the laptop and we are using green and blue coloured object instead of light. Later we can just mount the camera on the robot and have the lights in form of a traffic signal on the track. 

Ashish Ghatge (1st Year, Mechanical Dept. VNIT, Nagpur)

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