References of Snake Robot

[1] “Generating gaits for snake robots: annealed chain fitting and keyframe wave extraction” by Ross L. Hatton · Howie Choset“
[2] Bio-inspired locomotion for a modular snake robot” by Shubo Zhang and Yi Guo
[3] “A Novel Architecture for Modular Snake Robots” by Aaron Johnson, Cornell Wright, Matthew Tesch, Kevin Lipkin, and Howie Choset
[4] “Design of a Modular Snake Robot” by Cornell Wright, Aaron Johnson, Aaron Peck, Zachary McCord, Allison Naaktgeboren,
Philip Gianfortoni, Manuel Gonzalez-Rivero, Ross Hatton, and Howie Choset
[5] “Dynamic Analyze of Snake Robot” by Seif Dalilsafaei

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