Electronics Architecture

As seen in Fig. 2, we have used a total of 9 links in the robot. The head consists of a wireless camera whose feed can be seen on the computer and a 9V radio battery to power 
the camera and a servo motor. The Micro-controller is placed in the tail of the robot a 4.8V-700mA Ni-Mh battery. The body consists of 7 links each consisting of a 15kgf.cm servo motor and a battery (as in tail).

The Fig. 3 shows the architecture of the communication bus. We have used a 14-wire ribbon cable to connect the links. 8 of these wires carry the data pulse for each servo motor. To power the servo motors we have used Ni-Mh Batteries.
Hence we connected 4 batteries and 4 servo motors across each pair of the power lines. Further a extra pair of power line is given in case we want to power the camera using off board power supply. This is mainly done as we don’t want high current to pass through the thin ribbon wires.

The figure 4 shows all the electronics components that we used. We made a custom soldered PCB such that the micro-controller and the wireless module can be mounted into it. The receiver of the wireless camera is inserted into a PC using USB. This gives a wireless video and audio feed.

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